As an Agency Owner, you might introduce new serivce types (services) for scheduling which might not be available by default in the system.

By default, we provide following list of services to the agency:

However, your Agency does not cater to these service types, as an Agency Admin, one can login into the system and delete the existing ones and even create new one as per the agency requirements.

While deleting/renaming the existing service types in system, please note that there may be schedule(s) already created in the system which might get affected as per the operation done by the Admin User.

Hence it becomes admin’s responsibility to delete/rename the existing service types which might already be in use in the current system.

By using the following guide, you will be able to add/update/delete existing serivce types in the system.

  • Log into the system as an Admin.

  • Click the Settings icon in the Main toolbar.

  • Click the See all settings button.

  • Click the DDM-Scheduling link in the Settings menu.

  • Locate the Service Type from the DDM drop down list column and click it.

  • Click the Edit/Delete icon to perform the required operation.

  • To add a new service type, click the Add button present at the bottom of the grid.

  • Enter the desired name of the service type and click the Save button to add this service type, or the Cancel button to discard the information. Once saved, the service type is ready to be used in Scheduling

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