The Admin User can also opt to categorize the library, add folders under the functional area, and then add sub-folders under the folder in such a way that the documents are easy for search for, for the user.

  • To add a new folder under the functional area, locate the Folders link from left hand side navigation:

  • Click the Folder link.

  • Scroll down if necessary and click the + New Folder Under Functional Area button.

  • Choose a Functional Area under which you want to add a folder.

  • Choose the Folder Type (Normal Folder or Image Folder). NOTE: An image folder type will generate the thumbnails of the images in it.

  • Enter the desired folder name.

  • Choose whether this folder needs to be visible to all user roles in system. If yes, then every user role can visit the library to view this folder and its content. If not, then the Admin User needs to decide which user roles will be able to access this folder and its contents.

The Admin User can also choose to upload the document under this folder right from this screen by clicking on the Yes option on Do you want to add a Library Attachment to this folder?

[NOTE TO DEVELOPER: If I choose No to add the attachment, the roles are not displayed and the Save button is invisible. Also occurs on adding a sub folder too-Ken Jacobs]

Enter in the document details as per requirement and click the Save button. The folder will be created and the document will be uploaded into the library.

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