• After creating the Functional Area, locate the Digital Library link on the left hand side navigation:

  • Clicking on this link will open the Digital Library on the right side, which will simulate the look and feel of the library from the front end, so that the Admin User can view what documents are being uploaded and into which functional area/folder.

The Admin User can either upload under the functional area or upload the document directly on the landing page of the library.

The Admin User can navigate to the desired folder by clicking on the functional area and then clicking on the folder name under them (if present).

Clicking on the Add New Attachment button will display the following screen where the document can be uploaded:

Maximum size of the document upload is 400MB.

  • Enter the information and click the Save button to upload the attachment, or the Reset button to clear the fields.

NOTE: The user can opt to upload document or share the web link where the document is present (for example, Webinar Links.)

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