when a Client or Client’s emergency contacts / Payers / Communities gets created, they get a registration on their email ID so that they can have access to the family portal.

The resulting email will look like the one below and a Username and one-time use password will be included in the email. The Client needs to click on the link provided in the email to open the system and change the temporary password:

Upon clicking the link, the Change Password window displays.

In the Current Password field, the Client will enter the password provided in the email. The Client will enter a new password in the New Password field and enter the same in the Confirm Password field. The security question and answer will be registered by the system so that in case clients forget passwords they can reset their password themselves.

The following rules are implemented on the password type as per Authorized by HIPAA:

Once clients log in, their Dashboard displays:

The Client can also have access to the invoices which are generated to them. Clients can click on the invoice number to view the invoice details so that they can review invoice specifics.

When the Client clicks on the invoice number, invoice details will be opened in a pop-up window which contain all the invoice details:

Clients will also have option to view their service plans which the agency has created for them. The Service Plan can be accessed from the Care Plan tab:

Clients can also directly approach the Agency owner via email. In the top right corner of the page, there is an email icon present.

Clicking on this icon will open an email sending page where Clients can compose their email and send directly to Agency Owners.

A predefined template will loaded by default and a Client can enter a custom message and send directly to the agency’s owner by clicking the Send button.

The Client’s emergency contacts will have the same access and features as the Client but they cannot access the Service Plan of the Client as it can only be shown to the Client profile per HIPAA guidelines.

When Payer/Community users log in, they will be able to see all of their Client’s calendar and the invoices which are generated to them on the Client’s behalf. However, they also cannot view the Client’s Service Plan. They can, however, view the Client Calendar.

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