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In the CareSmartz360 system, the agency has the flexibility to provide system access to its Clients, their Emergency Contacts as well Payers which are paying on behalf of clients. The system on which this is access is granted is called the Client Portal.

Client Portal is the one-stop solution for clients and their family members to get in touch in with their agency as well their data which is stored in the main system.

When an Agency User creates the Client profile in the system, there is a checkbox under the Email 1 field labeled Send Client Portal Credentials (on the new Client page).

When this checkbox is checked and the Client is created in the system, the Client user will receive the registration email from the system with steps to get access to the Client Portal.

After logging into the portal, the Dashboard page displays where Clients can view various types of data related to their profiles, such as Upcoming Schedules, Pending Invoices, Care Plan, and so on.


On this page, clients can have a sneak peek into their upcoming schedules, pending invoices and links to their schedule calendars, care plans, and pending invoices sections.

Schedule Page

On this page, clients can view their calendars.

Clients have the option to view their calendars in different views like Month, Week, or Day. There is also a feature to export the calendar view to a PDF format.

The CareSmartz360 system also allows clients to create a schedule request to their agencies. This reduces the manual effort of making calls and sending emails to agencies back and forth.

The client can submit a schedule request directly to the agency by clicking on the “Make Schedule Request” button. When a Client or its emergency contact clicks this button, the system will display a dialog box, where the Client can enter the details about the care needed and when.

The Client can also choose from the list of caregivers which have worked with him in the past and have been set as preferred caregivers in the system.

Clients can also mention what various tasks they want the caregiver to perform during the shift so that the agency can make the Caregiver selection accordingly. This will be the final decision of the agency to decide which Caregiver they want to send to the Client’s home for care.

Please make a note that after submitting the schedule request, CareSmartz360 will not auto-create any schedule in the Client profile. CareSmartz360 will only send an email to the assigned Agency User who is selected in Office Settings.

It is the agency’s responsibility to read the email and get in touch with the Client for more details(if required) and create a schedule in the system accordingly. After the agency creates the schedule, the Client can login into the system and view the Calendar to see if there is any new schedule present on the calendar.

Invoice(s) Page

On this page, the client can view for his/her paid/outstanding invoices.

Clients can click on the Invoice # hyperlink to view/save the Invoice in PDF format.

The Client portal also enables the agency to receive payments on the outstanding invoices. If the agency is an authorized merchant with TransNational Payments, then the agency can integrate the CareSmartz360 solution with the payment gateway to receive online transactions.

A Payer user can log in into the system and go to the Invoice(s) section to view outstanding invoices created in their name. When the payer logs in, the payer can view the top five recently created invoices on the Dashboard.

If the agency is integrated with the payment system (TransNational Payments), then the Payer user can view the invoices by clicking the Pay button. This will redirect Payer users to the Invoice(s) page where they can enter the required details to complete the transaction.

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