Once a Caregiver is added to the system, the email address registered with the profile will receive an email which will contain all the information required for a Caregiver to log into the application:

  • Upon clicking the link in the email, the Caregiver will be redirected to the CareSmartz360 web portal to set a custom password and a security question.

  • Click the Update button to change the password, or the Cancel button to cancel the change

When the Caregiver logs in, the first screen visible will be a Dashboard that shows the following widgets:

  • Hours Serviced graph

  • Scheduled vs Approved trend

  • Next schedule

  • Available Shift(s)

  • Clients

  • SMS Log

  • Alerts

Caregivers can also navigate to detailed views of these by clicking on the respective links in the left column. Caregivers can view their respective shifts by clicking on Calendar.

By clicking on a shift, details of that shift will pop up where Caregivers can check in/out, find the Client’s address and navigate to it, find the Client’s phone number, shift date and timings, and tasks that are scheduled for the shift. In this pop-up, Caregivers can clock-in/out if they are within 50m/100m/200m from Client’s address (exact range defined in Office Settings).

NOTE: The Client’s signature will be mandatory for clocking out if the setting is active in Office Settings.

Caregivers can also view the open shifts present in their agency for a specific date range by clicking the View Open Shifts option under Calendar:

  • Select a Caregiver from the list or use the Caregiver Search to filter the list. For more information about searching, see Caregiver Search.

This will show all the open shifts

Caregivers can click on any open shift and show their interest by clicking Send Mail on the pop up window:

The pop up box has various details: Client Name, Schedule Date and Time, Client’s Address and Phone Number, and the tasks that are scheduled for this shift:

NOTE: If any of these tasks are not marked Completed before caregivers clock themselves out, this shift will be filed under Needs Reviewstatus.

Caregivers can also take actions on the Available Shift requests which have been sent to them via agency staff. Caregivers see the Client Name, Client Gender, Client Address, and Client Phone Number. More details about the shift can be found by clicking the > Available Shift(s).

Caregivers can then choose whether to accept by clicking the icon) or reject (by clicking the icon) next to the shift they want to accept or reject.

Caregivers can also undergo trainings in the LMS module which is accessible by clicking on LMS at the top right. In the LMS module they can view training videos and take part in courses view the related information.

Caregivers can view their training details in the Training's section. This page will have the details of training's they have done in the LMS and the training data which is added in their profile in the Main application by their Agency Staff.

In the Key Documents section, Caregivers can view/download documents that the Agency has added to their profiles, and can also upload documents that they want the Agency to see. These documents are shared two-way between Caregivers and Agency Staff.

In the Unavailability section, Caregivers can add their (un)availability to perform schedules for a specific date range. Any (un)availability they add for their profiles will be shown to their agencies so that they can assign schedules accordingly.

In the My Clients section caregivers can see all the clients they are scheduled to work with from that point in time onwards:

Under Compliance, Caregivers can see when their compliance deadlines are coming up. For example, auto registration/insurance renewal, HHA license renewal and so on.

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