• Log into the system using Admin credentials.

  • Click Clients under the Clients menu.

  • Click the Edit Client icon to open the Client’s profile.

  • Click the Assessment tab:

  • Click Edit to enter observations and requirements, as well as the date of observations.

  • It this is not the initial assessment for this client, you should select which type of assessment it is.

  • When you select Care Plan Update OR Reassessment, system will give you an option to copy data from previous completed Assessment.

There are five sections you can access using the options on the left:

  • Facesheet

  • Skills & Requirements

  • Companion Care

  • Personal Care

  • Transportation Needs


Skills & Requirements:

Companion Care:

Personal Care:

Transportation Needs:

  • Click the Summary button to review all the data for this Client again. NOTE: This is a mandatory step before this assessment is recorded in the system as complete. Once you have reviewed your selections, click on the Complete so that caregivers will be able to see the tasks.

  • Click one of the buttons: Resume, Finish Later, or Complete.

NOTE: All the tasks mentioned here as recurring (daily or weekly) will automatically populate on Clients’ schedules.

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