The CareSmartz360 system allows the Agency User to communicate with its Caregivers, Clients, and Staff members actively in the form of SMS, directly from the system.

Every Agency will be assigned with a unique SMS number which will be shared at the time of on-boarding can be find under Office Settings.

If any user sends an SMS to this number, then system will also capture the SMS and will tie that SMS with the SMS Log of the caregiver and will be present in Global SMS Log.

Also, CareSmartz360 provides the feature to send Automated SMS to agency owner/user and caregiver in case of daily scenarios, e.g. Caregiver Missing Check-in and Check-Out, Caregiver’s Upcoming shift etc.

In these common scenarios, agency do not have to send manual SMS or email to caregiver to communicate with them, although system will send automated SMS to them.

  • Log into the system as an Agency User, Owner, or Admin.

  • Click the Settings icon in the Main toolbar.

  • Click the See all settings button.

  • Click the Configure SMS Services link.

The services available are:

Missing Check-in/Check-out: This automated SMS is sent to the Agency Owner when a Caregiver misses a check-in or check-out for the client schedule.

Telephony Notes: This automated SMS is sent to the Caregiver profile when any Agency User leaves a note in the Caregiver profile > Notessection. The note can be listened to by the Caregiver in the IVR system.

Client Open Shift: This automated SMS is sent to the Caregivers of the Agency so that they can log in into the system and apply for the Open Shifts which are available in their office.

Caregiver Upcoming Shift: This automated SMS is sent to the Caregiver’s registered number one day before and on the day of the schedule.

Schedule Reminder: This automated SMS is sent to the Caregiver’s registered number before a specific time of the schedule. The specific number of minutes are defined in Office Settings > Main Page.

It is not mandatory for an Agency to opt for these SMS services and an Agency can opt for the services for which they want automated SMS by checking the checkbox present against that service.

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