NOTE: To apply Holiday rates to a schedule, please make sure that the Call type (Service) is considered for the Holidays calculations.

  • Log into the system as an Agency User, Owner, or Admin.

  • Click the Settings icon in the Main toolbar.

  • Click the See all settings button.

  • Navigate to Scheduling>Service Type

  • Click the Edit icon for the service type you wish to verify is included in the holiday calculations.

  • Check the Include Holiday Pay and Include Holiday Bill checkboxes to enable the service to be considered under the Holiday calculations. These will be checked by default. You only need to review this if you do NOT want to bill/pay extra for a holiday.

  • Click the Update button to include changes to the holiday status, or the Cancel button if the holiday status does not need to be changed

Configuring your default holiday rates

  • From the Settings page, click the Holidays link.

  • Click on the edit icon for the holiday you wish to recognize with extra bill or pay

  • Use the Dropdown menu to select the 1.5Xor 2X multiplier

Click HERE for a video on how to set up the Office Settings>Rates Tab

Add a Holiday

If you need to add a holiday that isn't in the default list, you can do that.

  • Click the New Holiday button.

  • Enter the following:

  • Holiday Name

  • Date

  • Bill Rate

  • Pay Rate

  • Click the Save button to save the new information, or the Cancel button to discard the new information


Overriding the Schedule Rate

If the agency does not want to set up a rate for a specific holiday, it can open a schedule and manually override the rate there.

  • Log into the system as an Agency User.

  • Click Clients under the Clients menu

  • Search for the desired client.

  • Click the View Schedule icon for the client.

  • Click the Schedule which is present on the holiday.

  • Enter a custom bill rate and pay rate

  • Click the Update button to save the rates for that schedule.

Note: If you add a custom rate AND you have holiday rates in the office settings, the multiplier from the office settings will be added to the custom rate.

Exempt a single Caregiver from holiday pay.

You can exclude Caregivers from Holiday Pay. If you do not want to pay some caregivers extra for a holiday, you can go to the Caregiver’s Profile > Main section and select “Exempt from Holiday Pay Calculations." By default, all the Caregivers will be considered for Holiday Pay until manually exempted.

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