If you need to understand your ADP export file, this topic can help you understand what each column means and how the information is populated in the file.

The ADP Export file will look like the following:

Column A retrieves the value of Company Code from Office Settings > Payroll > ADP ID. It’s the code/ID which is provided by ADP to your Agency when you sign-up with them.

Column B shows the batch name from CareSmartz360 and is displayed here. It will not impact any calculations being done in the ADP system.

Column C shows the Caregiver's Payroll File Name retrieved from Caregiver > HR section. Every Staff/Caregiver must have a Payroll File Number that matches the ID number in ADP and based upon this matching, the Caregiver will be identified in ADP.

Column D shows the Regular Hours of the Schedule. For OT and HOLIDAY a separate line will be added. Shows 1 in case of Live-In/Visit schedules.

Column E shows the OT Hours as present. The column will only show OT units, NOT Regular, Not Holidays. Overtime is calculated automatically by CareSmartz360.

Column F shows the Temp Department which will retrieve the department code from Admin > Scheduling > DDM > Call type > Add New > Department Code.

Column G shows the Base Rate. In case of OT, the base rate will be shown. Only in Case of Holiday and Overridden Rates, updated rates will show. In case of Mileage, this shows mileage rate.

Column H will only show the Expense Code. EXP will be hard-coded code for the expense line item except Mileage.

Column I shows the Expense Amount against EXP code.

Column J shows the code of shift in case of HOL and Mileage only. MIL = Mileage. HOL = Holiday.

Column K shows the Holiday Hours. In case of a Visit, it will be 1. In case of Mileage it shows Mileage Units.

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