Agency Users can now integrate their QuickBooks Online account with CareSmartz360 and sync Client Profiles and their invoices to QuickBooks Online Account.

  • Log into the system as an Agency User, Owner, or Admin.

  • Click QuickBooks Integration under the Accounting menu.

The installation tab will provide a walkthrough of the installation process including each step with screenshots of how to integrate your QuickBooks Company with CareSmartz360.

On the QuickBooks Installation Tab, user needs to click on the

 icon first. The system displays a window (please check your pop-up blocker) where the user needs to input the QuickBooks Online username and password.

When the user provides the correct login information and clicks the Sign In button, the system opens a window where the user needs to authorize the communication between the QuickBooks and CareSmartz360 accounts.

After clicking on the Authorize button, the CareSmartz360 system will connect with the QuickBooks account and a final confirmation message will display and the window closes automatically.

The user is automatically redirected to the QuickBooks Sync Settings tab where the user has the option to set up various accounting items.

CareSmartz360 will assign transactions such as line items on invoices or time data to the correct QuickBooks item or account. The QuickBooks Sync Settings tab is where the user specifies which item or account wanted for the following items from CareSmartz360 to be assigned to QuickBooks. You can use the same item or account multiple times.

If you are unsure where your CareSmartz360 QuickBooks Settings drop down selections are being populated from, check the Products and Services list in QuickBooks. You can get to your Products and Services list by clicking on the “gear” icon in the upper right corner in QuickBooks Online.

After clicking on the Save button, the user is redirected to the Client Matching window where Client(s) from CareSmartz360 can be sync’d with QuickBooks customers or the user will have the opportunity to add new customers in QuickBooks. This feature will be helpful if you have clients in an CareSmartz360 account but do not have customers in QuickBooks and you can directly publish new customers in QuickBooks Online from CareSmartz360.

CareSmartz360 will attempt to match your active Caresmartz360 clients with the active customers in your QuickBooks file. If CareSmartz360 is unable to match the clients within QuickBooks, you can click on the drop down under the QuickBooks column to select customer name in QuickBooks. Note that the client's name may be spelled differently in QuickBooks than how it is spelled in CareSmartz360.

If you select the Add to QuickBooks checkbox, CareSmartz360 system will attempt to create this customer in your QuickBooks file. Don't forget to click the Save button at the bottom of the page.

Now your QuickBooks account is successfully integrated with your CareSmartz360 account.

Push Invoices from CareSmartz360 to QuickBooks

  • Navigate to the View Finalized Invoice Batches page under Billing

  • Select the office and click the Search button to view finalized invoice batches

  • Select the finalized batch to execute it.

  • Select the checkbox beside each invoice and then click the Export to QuickBooks button to sync the invoice(s) to the QuickBooks account.

NOTE: If the checkbox is not present against the invoice, it means the client for which this invoice is generated, is not sync’d or created in QuickBooks.

After the invoice is successfully exported to QuickBooks, a QuickBooks icon will appear beside the invoice which will indicate that the specific invoice is already exported to QuickBooks.

NOTE: When invoices are pushed from CareSmartz360 to QuickBooks, Tax amount is not pushed as it may vary from State to State and depends on the Agency’s personal preferences.

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