• Log into the system as an Agency User, Owner, or Admin.

  • Click Process Payroll under the Accounting menu.

  • Select the existing batch or click the Add New Batch button to create a new batch.

The system will show the search parameters which the Agency User can use to search for approved but not yet finalized schedules.

  • Enter in the parameters and click the Search button and the system will search for the approved schedules in the system. These schedules are not finalized in another payroll batch yet and are present in the specified date range selected.

  • In order to finalize the payroll batch, the user must select the checkbox present in the first column in the table grid. If this is not selected, you will receive an error asking you to select at least one record. Once the box is selected, click the Finalize Payroll Batchbutton.

The system will ask one final time for the confirmation that the user really wants to continue the payroll batch finalization.

  • When user clicks on the OK button, the system will finalize the payroll batch and will redirect the user to the View Finalized Payroll Batches screen and the finalized batch will be available for further operations.

You can perform the following operations on a finalized payroll batch:

  • Delete Batch: In case, batch is created by mistake or incorrect rates have been implemented.

  • ADP Export: System can generate ADP compatible export file which agency can download and upload within their ADP account to process the payroll in ADP system.

  • Delete Batch: In case, batch is created by mistake or incorrect rates have been implemented.

NOTE: ADP export file format requirement in ADP system may vary from Agency to Agency depending upon your business.

Hence, if your ADP export file requirement for the payroll batch are different from the one which is required, we would request you that you contact CareSmartz360 support team.

  • Print Payroll Batch: The system also provides an option to export the Payroll batch in a standardized report form which can be printed out.

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