• Log into the system as an Agency User, Owner, or Admin.

  • Click View Finalized Payroll Batches under the Accounting menu.

CareSmartz360 can generate the export file for ADP which can be uploaded into the ADP system to process the payroll information. The primary condition to generate the ADP file is that the payroll batch should be finalized in the CareSmartz360 system.

After the Payroll batch is finalized, the system will show the ADP button on the Finalized Payroll Batches page, clicking on which, system will download a *.csv file which the agency can use in its ADP account.

  • The Agency User can access the Finalized Payroll Batches page by clicking Finalized Payroll Batches from the Accounting menu.

  • Select Agency Office and click the Search button so that system can show the list of finalized payroll batches.

NOTE: ADP’s export file format requirement in the ADP system may vary from Agency to Agency depending upon your business. Therefore, if your ADP export file requirement for the payroll batch is different from the one which is required, we would request you contact the CareSmartz360 support team.

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