CareSmartz360 system also enables your agency to receive E-payments on client invoices.

There are two ways in which your agency can get E-payments:

  • Payers can have access to the Client Portal and they can view and pay their outstanding invoices.

  • In case your Agency does not have the workflow to give access to Payers to pay for their invoices OR they don’t want to go online to pay for the invoices, Agencies can also pay for their outstanding invoices using their credit card information.

There are a few steps involved to enable your agency instance to have E-payments:

Setting up a Preferred Gateway

  • Log into the system using Admin credentials.

  • Click the Settings icon present at the top right corner of the screen.

  • Click the Billing link.

As an agency, you can opt to integrate with Transnational Payment Gateway.

NOTE: You can integrate with Transnational Payment Gateway for processing your credit card and E-Payments.

  • Contact the Transnational team and sign up for the Merchant account.

  • After signing up with your merchant, please retrieve the following keys from the merchant:

  • API Key: For Credit Card and E-Payments.

  • Tokenizer: To send a link on Invoice PDF for payers to pay online.

  • Enter these keys in the Gateway section.

  • After entering these keys for your merchant, click the Update button to save your office settings.

  • Log into the system using Admin credentials.

  • Click Payers under the Clients menu.

  • Open the Payer profile for which you want to add a credit card.

  • Click the Billing tab and scroll down to the Credit Cards section.

  • Click Add Credit Card button.

  • Enter the following information for the credit card:

  • Card Number – the unique credit card number.

  • Expiry Date – the date when the credit card expires.

  • CVV – the three-digit code that verifies you have the card in hand.

  • Is Primary – for multiple cards, this checkbox signifies the primary or default card to be used

NOTE: As a CareSmartz360 solution provider, we do not keep complete credit card information in our databases. We only store the last four digits of the credit card and the rest of the information regarding the card is shared/linked with the merchant in a secure manner as per their API Guidelines.

  • After adding the credit card information to the Payer profile, click Clients under the Clients menu.

  • Perform a search on the clients who wish to view.

  • Select a client and click the Edit Client profile.

  • Click the Outstanding Invoices tab for the client whose payer owes the agency.

  • Click on Receive Payment against the payer which has a credit card added.

After clicking this button, the system will open up the Receive Payment page for this outstanding invoice and the user needs to select the Credit Card Processing option in the Payment Type drop-down list.

NOTE: Credit Card (Offline) C is an option for those transactions which has been processed through credit card but not in the CareSmartz360 system

  • The user enters the amount to be paid and clicks the Pay button. The payment is processed and the Account Register Details page displays:

A log of this transaction can be viewed by clicking the Invoice number link as well.

When the user clicks on the Invoice Number link, then the system generates the invoice pdf and the transaction log will be attached on the last page of the invoice.


  • If any agency chooses to have Transnational as the merchant then while adding the credit card, the CVV field will not be displayed as Transnational does not require this information to process the transaction.

  • The Payer profile should have the complete address information associated with it before processing any transaction e.g. Address, Country, State, City, Zip Code, etc.

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