• Log into the system as an Agency User, Owner, or Admin.

  • Click Create Invoice(s) under the Accounting menu.

  • Select your Agency office.

  • Select an existing batch or click Add New Batch to create a new batch.

  • Enter a description of the new batch.

  • Click the Save button to add the new batch.

  • Click the Close button to close the window.

Once the batch is selected or a new batch created, the system will show the Search parameters which an Agency User can use to search for approved but not yet finalized schedules.

  • Enter in the parameters and click the Search button and the system will search for the approved schedules in the system which are not Billed/Finalized yet and are present in the selected date range.

  • In order to finalize the invoice batch, you must select the checkbox to the left of the invoice date of the invoice you want to finalize. If this box is not selected, you will receive an error asking you to select an invoice to post.

  • Once the box is selected, click the Finalize Invoice Batch button.

  • The View Finalized Invoice Batches page shows the posted invoice, and whether or not it has been paid. It will also show you the option to either print or email the invoice. These options will be located to the right of the posted invoice at the bottom of the page.

You can:

  • Delete the batch

  • Generate and EDI File

  • Export the Batch as a CSV file

  • Print the batch (PDF)

  • Print selected¬†

  • Export to Quickbooks

  • Sync payment with Quickbooks

  • Send an invoice notification by email

If you would like to view or download the Invoice, select the relevant invoices from the Invoice batch list and hit the "Print Selected" button. Alternatively, you can just hit the "Print Batch" button.

A new screen will open with your selected Invoice. Here, you will be able to download or print the invoice directly.

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