• Log into the system as an Agency User, Owner, or Admin.

  • Click Caregivers under the Caregivers menu.

  • Open up the caregiver record of the caregiver for whom you want to leave a voice message. In the record, click the Voice Mail icon.

  • Click the + Voice Mail button

  • Click the Calendar and Time View icons in the Delivery Date field to set the date and time when you want the message delivered.

  • Enter a voicemail message up to 500 characters in the Message field which will be read to your Caregiver.

  • Click the Add button to complete and save the message, or click the Close button to not send the voicemail message.

A successfully saved message will look like the image below with the message details.

When Caregivers call in to Time Tracking and enter their IDs after the delivery date and time, the message will play. After the Caregiver listens to the message, they will have the option to record a message back to you if they choose.

Managing your messages and the messages a Caregiver records back to you can be found in the Time Tracking Messaging option.

  • Here you can click the Outgoing Messages tab and search by date range and status. Pending messages will have the status of “Delivery Pending” and received messages will display as “Delivered”.

Incoming Messages can also be heard on the Incoming Messages tab. Incoming Caregiver messages will display in the list and you will have the option to listen to the responses.

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