• Log into the system as an Agency User, Owner, or Admin.

  • Click Clients under the Clients menu.

  • Click the View Schedule icon for the specific client profile you wish to open:

NOTE: The Client’s calendar can be accessed from multiple places in the application. For example, you can open the Client schedule from the Time Tracking section. The Client’s calendar can be accessed from the Schedule Calendar section as well as under the Scheduling section in the Main Menu.

  • All the schedules can be viewed. Click on the Schedule for which you want to change the status.

  • Select the Approved status from the Status drop down list.

  • Click the Update button to approve the schedule, or the Cancel button to cancel the approval.

The calendar is refreshed and the schedule color code will be changed.

The application has different color codes for all the schedule statuses in the system and the admin users have full control over the color; they can use any color as per the agency requirement/linking.

Since the schedule is now approved, it is available for Billing and Payroll.

You can also approve schedules from the Scheduling>Time Tracking>Views Screen

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