CareSmartz has a feature that will help you find multiple caregivers who are a good fit for a client and then email or text them all at once to see if they are able to fill one or more shifts for the client.

  • Click Find Caregiver under the Scheduling menu.

Enter the following information to find a caregiver:

  • Client Name

  • Shift Times - Check the boxes next to the shifts that you are looking to schedule.

  • Available - If you have selected multiple shifts, you can require that any caregiver who meets the criteria will be available for all the shifts you have selected

  • Skill Category – Search by skill category (ex. CNA, Level 1, Companion Care, etc.).

  • Radius Search – Search by Client and Caregiver travel distance based on their zip codes.

  • Overtime--Check the box to make sure that you don't see caregivers who will require OT pay if they fill the shift(s) you have selected

  • Preferred--If you use the compatibility tab in the client and caregiver profiles, you can select to see only those caregivers who you have marked as preferred

  • Attributes from the Client profile will be prepopulated and you have the ability to add more to the search with the options below.

  • After you have made all the selections click the Search button to view a list of caregivers who can cover these schedules.

  • You will be able to see all the caregivers who meet your criteria and for each one you can view

    • Score: the number of fields that match between the client and caregiver skills/attributes

    • Distance: how far between the client and caregiver

    • Compatibility: based on your selections on the Compatibility tab

    • Hours Worked: the number of hours this caregiver has worked with this client

  • Select the Caregivers that you want to see by clicking the checkbox next to their names. You will have the ability to select multiple caregivers.

  • Compare client and caregiver schedules in the side-by-side view.

  • A maximum of 10 caregiver calendars are allowed to be compared at a time.

You can email or text caregivers individually, or you can assign directly from the icons in the Action column. You can also email or SMS message several caregivers at once from the icons above the Action column. The email/SMS messages will come from a template that already exists in the software.

  • When Caregivers get the email and login to their portals to view the requests, they can then accept or reject the shifts. The decision taken by Caregivers on shifts will be viewable in the Open Shift(s) Manager option under Scheduling:

  • The Open Shift(s) Manager will allow you to view responses listed by Client and allow you to assign the shift to the selected Caregiver. The “status’’ section highlighted in yellow will be the response from the Caregiver. It will display either “not available” or “available” based on the Caregiver’s decision.

For more details on using the Open Shifts Manager, click HERE.

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