• Log into the system as an Agency User, Owner, or Admin.

  • Click Caregivers under the Caregivers menu.

  • Select Caregiver Search:

  • Once you have found the desired Caregiver, click the Caregiver record.

  • Open the Caregiver profile and click the Skill(s) drop down list in the General Information section on the Main tab.

  • Select the skills which the Caregiver can have (NOTE: these skill codes are managed from Admin section).

  • Click the Skills/Requirements tab

  • You can add more general attributes to the Caregiver profile from Admin Settings>Client>Attribute Categories and Attribute Codes.

When the selected attribute of the Caregiver gets matched to the Client’s selected attribute then the system adds +1 score to the Client-Payer combination; when a restriction code matches then a -1 score is added to the Client-Caregiver combination. The sets of the attribute are added to the Admin section and each attribute code has two values. One will be present at the Client’s profile and the other will be present in the Caregiver’s profile. When the set of these values for the Client and Caregiver is matched then the system considers the profile attributes as a match; it is considered NOT a match if the restriction is matched, as it deducts 1 score from their overall match.

Additionally, as an Agency User, CareSmartz360 gives the Agency the flexibility to prioritize the Caregiver skill codes. That is, the Caregiver skills codes are hierarchical in real-time and one skill code may have more weight than another skill code.

For example,

A Caregiver with a skill code of RN could be assigned to the Client who requires a Caregiver with a Companion Care skill, But the Caregiver with a Companion Care skill could not cater to the Client who requires an RN.

By default, we give the standard skill codes for Caregivers, but the Agency Admin can configure the skill codes and manage their relationship as required.

  • To set the relationship and prioritize the Caregiver’s skill codes, please log in as an Admin and click the Settings icon in the top right corner.

  • Then, Click on See All Settings

  • Click the Caregivers link.

On this page, there will be a drop down called “Skill Code” and all Skill code listed down as checkboxes.

Per the example below, if there is a Client who requires a Caregiver with a Homemaker skill code, the selected skill codes below can cater to the Homemaker skill code requirement.

That means if we consider Homemaker as the lowest level of Skill code, any Caregiver with any other skill code can provide the Homemaker-level care, the setting will need to be configured like the following:

This will help the scheduler to assign a correct Caregiver to the Client schedules; otherwise, the system will generate the conflict as follows when a Caregiver with lower skill code is assigned to the shift where the Client requires the Caregiver with higher skill code:

The Client’s requirement of a specific skill code can be configured from Assessments and going into the Skills/Requirement section.

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