All Caregivers need a working email address in their Caregiver record email section before emailing so that they can receive the email sent by the system to the active email address.

  • Log into the system as an Agency User, Owner, or Admin.

  • Click Send Bulk Email/SMS under the Scheduling menu.

  • On the next page you need to enter search criteria. Choose the Start Date, End Date, Office and the Status for the schedules you would like to send.

  • Click the Search button to perform the search.

  • Check the box of all Caregivers that you want to send an email to and click Send Mail, Send SMS, or Send Custom SMS.

Sending Email

  • if you click the Send Mail button the Compose Your Email dialog displays.

  • Select Caregiver Schedules in the Existing Template section. The To box will list your selected Caregivers; you can enter your email address in the CC or BCC box and you will get a copy of every message sent to the Caregivers. You can customize the Subject box or leave as is.

  • You can enter customized text in the Message text area and click the Send button.

NOTE: You MUST leave fields such as $CareGiverName$ or $ScheduleSlotTable$ unchanged. These fields are configured to pull from the system and will populate accordingly with each caregiver’s information. If the fields are disabled, the schedules will not be pulled.

You will have a history of every email sent in each Caregiver’s profile under Contact History. Click View to see the email details.

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