• Log into the system as an Agency User, Owner, or Admin.

  • Click Caregivers under the Caregivers menu.

  • On the Caregiver page, select the maximum amount of Caregivers you would like to see on the single page. The maximum limit allowed is 50 and the minimum is 10.

  • Now select multiple (or all) Caregivers on the page by clicking on the checkbox beside them.

  • When you check the boxes, the system will provide you with the icons below to send either a text message or an email

  • Click the Send SMS icon.

If the selected Caregiver(s) do not have primary phone numbers associated with them, then the system will display a list of those Caregivers who do not have a primary number.

  • You can Click the Continue button to proceed with sending the SMS

  • When the user clicks on Continue button, system will show a text area where the user can enter the custom text and click the Send button, and the system will send the SMS to all the selected Caregiver(s) except for the ones who do not have primary number associated with them.

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