• Log into the system as an Agency User, Owner, or Admin.

  • Click Caregivers under the Caregivers menu.

  • Click the New Caregiver button.

  • Enter the information in the Caregiver Details form.

  • Click the Save button to save the record, or the Cancel button to cancel the record.


  • Make sure you create a unique username for your Caregiver so that they can access the Caregiver Portal. The preferred formula for usernames is first initial, followed by last name, i.e. John Doe would be JDoe.

  • Also make sure to enter a phone number so that the Caregiver can use this number for checking in or out if Clients do not have any phone number in their profile. You can do so by clicking on the Add Phone button.

  • Phone Type and Number are mandatory fields. If you want to allow this number to be used for time-tracking, check the box that says Time Tracking before clicking the Save button.  If you allow this, it may not be EVV compliant.

  • The Caregiver’s skill (s) level can be added during this process, or later by editing the Caregiver’s profile.

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