In the CareSmartz360 system, Caregivers and Agency Staff can enter in the Availability/Unavailability. If there is unavailability added for any Caregiver profile and the Agency User tries to add a schedule for that Caregiver at the time of unavailability, the system would generate a conflict so that the Agency User can select a different caregiver.

There are two methods to add/edit Caregiver Availability (preferred work times) or Unavailability:

  • Caregivers can log in to the mobile app or their browser portal and add/edit Availability/Unavailability.

  • Agency User/Owner/Admin can go into the Caregiver profile and add/edit Caregiver Availability/Unavailability.

Caregiver Add Availability/Unavailability

  • Log into the system using Caregiver credentials.

  • Navigate to the Availability section.

  • Click Add New Availability button.

  • Enter the information in the following sections:

  • Click the Save button to save the record, or the Cancel button to cancel the record.

After the availability is saved, it will show in the table grid containing the information the Caregiver has saved.

The Caregiver can also update this availability with changes by clicking on the Edit Caregiver icon.

After the availability or unavailability is added, it’s also shown on the Caregiver calendar as well as on the availability and unavailability days. Availability is represented by [A] and Unavailability is represented by [U].

On the Caregiver’s calendar you will either see [A] or [U] or both depending upon the Availability/Unavailability added by the Caregiver. When the user hovers the mouse over [A] or [U], the system will show the times which were provided by the Caregiver.

Agency User Adding/Editing Caregiver’s Availability/Unavailability

  • Log into the system as an Agency User, Owner, or Admin.

  • Click Caregiver under the Caregivers menu.

  • Select a Caregiver from the list or use the Caregiver Search to filter the list. For more information about searching, see Caregiver Search.

  • Once you have located the desired record, hover the cursor over the Action column to display the available actions.

  • Click the Edit Caregiver icon to open the Caregiver profile in Edit mode.

  • Select Unavailability Tab 

  • Click the Add New Availability button.

As an Agency user you can add new availability or edit existing ones. The Agency user can add/edit the availability profile by following Steps 4and 5 in the procedure above.
NOTE:  if a schedule already exists for a time that is being set as Unavailable, the agency will see a pop-up message prompting them to remove the caregiver from the conflicting shift(s) and setting the shift(s) to Open. Caregivers cannot add Unavailability that conflicts with any shift(s).

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