• Log into the system as an Agency User, Owner, or Admin.

  • Click Clients under the Clients menu.

  • Click the Edit Client icon to open the Client’s profile.

  • Click the Rates tab.

  • Click the + Payer or + Existing Payer button, depending on whether you have already added the payer to your software.

  • When the window opens

  1. Rank: Primary is the Payer paying a specified daily allowance.

  2. Start and end dates: (range must cover all schedules for billing).

  3. Payment Distribution is Weekly.

  4. Choose a week start day (payment allotments will start over weekly on the day chosen).

  5. Enter the allowed weekly amount in the Payment Amount box.

  6. Uncheck the expenses box if the Payer does NOT cover expenses (expenses will be billed to the Secondary Payer if unchecked).

  • Click the Save button to save the record, or the Cancel button to cancel the record.

  • Enter in the Payer Distribution details for the Secondary Payer (if there is already a Payer currently set as Primary, that Payer will be demoted to Secondary automatically).

  • Create Schedules and Post Billing as usual. Billing will generate two invoices, one invoice for the Primary Payer covering the specified amount per day and one to the Secondary Payer picking up the remaining balances. Mail or email invoices and apply payments in the register to each Payer.

  • Click Add Payer to create another Payer profile. You may select up to five different Payers to split an invoice.

  • Splitting billing charges on invoices between multiple Payers can be done by a percentage or dollar amount per shift. The Payer designated as the Primary will be charged first, and the Secondary Payer will pick up the remaining balances and so on.

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