The Attributes page of the client assessment is where you will indicate the care needs of your client.  The caregivers have a similar page in their profile, and the CareSmartz360 program can compare the needs of the client with the skills of the caregivers to help you make the best match.

  • Log into the system as an Agency User, Owner, or Admin.

  • Click Clients under the Clients menu.

  • Click the Edit Client icon to open the Client’s profile.

  • Click the Assessment tab:

  • Click Edit to enter observations and requirements, as well as the date of observations.

  • Click Update & Next>> button to proceed. The Facesheet page displays.

  • When you select Care Plan Update OR Reassessment, system will give you an option to copy data from previous completed Assessment.

There are five sections you can access using the options on the left:

  • Facesheet

  • Skills & Requirements

  • Companion Care

  • Personal Care

  • Transportation Needs

Skills & Requirements:

Check the boxes to indicate what care needs/preferences the client has. 

You can add categories (the bold headers) and codes (the items beneath the bold headers) by going to your Admin Settings>Client>Attribute Categories and Attribute Codes.

  • To make the full assessment visible to the caregivers, Click the Summary button, review your selections, and then click Complete.

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