If you select a Lead Source and Lead Source detail and you do not have a Local Source, you will have to click the Add New Contact option on the Referral tab and enter in the details for the new contact. Once this is done, it will populate the dropdowns whenever the same lead source and local source detail options are chosen.

  • Lead source: Your main category. Hospital, Community, newspaper, word of mouth, etc.

  • Lead Source detail: Your secondary category. Discharge Nurse, Assisted Living, family, etc.

  • Local Source: Formal name of source. Sutter Hospital, Atria Assisted Living, brother, etc

  • Referred by: actual person associated with the referral.

  • Once you click the Add New Contact link, you will have the option to add in your local source and contact’s name.

  • You can add any other details as necessary and click the Save button when you are finished. This will return you to the Client referral and populate the dropdowns with your selection. Once a contact is entered it will always be available when choosing the same parameters (such as Lead Source and Lead Source Details).

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