Clients can be entered in system from by two methods:

  • Creating Client directly.

  • Creating a prospective Client and then convert that lead to Client.

When you enter the prospective Client, you fill out the Add New Prospective Client form, complete an Intake (Assessment), then either convert them to a Client, or mark them as a lost lead.

  • Log into the system as an Agency User, Owner, or Admin.

  • Click Prospective Clients under the Clients menu.

NOTE: There are required fields you must complete, in addition to those we encourage you to complete the other fields if you have the details.

  • Click the New Prospective Client button.

  • Enter the information in the Caller section. This is whoever is calling on the Client’s behalf. It could be their loved one or the Client themselves. If it is the Client, you would mark the relationship as self. This will populate the Client details with the information you enter for the caller. If the caller is someone else then you will need to enter the Client details in the Client section.

  • If any of the required fields marked with a red asterisk (*) are not completed, the system will highlight each empty field to prompt the user to complete the required fields.

The information entered in the Referral section will allow you to run comprehensive reports on where your leads are coming from.

  • Enter the name in the Referred By box.

  • If the specific contact that referred this Client to you is not in the system click the Add New Contact icon. So you are not only capturing what type of establishment referred the lead and the department it came from but also the specific individual who referred them.

  • Select the Assessment Type:  Online will then create an assessment tab in the person's profile, so you can maintain the care plan in the CareSmartz portal.  If you choose Manual, that means you are keeping paper records in the client home for the caregivers to reference when they are there.

  • Click the Save button to save the Prospective Client profile. Now you can create an Assessment to gather required information on the home care requirements and then decide as an Agency User whether to convert this lead into an actual Client or not.

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