• Log into the system as an Agency User, Owner, or Admin.

  • Click Payers under the Clients menu.

  • Select + New Payer

  • Fill out the page with the required information. NOTE: This form is dynamic, based on the type of Payer: Private, Company, or Community with different fields set as mandatory for each type.

  • If you select the Type as Medicaid, VA, or Insurance, you will be required to add the Payer ID number.

  • Add Phone number for Payer on the Payer Details page.

  • If you will be filing Medicaid or VA claims for this payer, you will need to add the Procedure Codes at the bottom of the billing tab.

  • If you will be filing Medicaid or VA claims for this payer you will also need to configure the type of EDI export file which that payer requires (837P or 837I) Note: all the existing payers having Medicaid or Insurance as payer type will have 837P, while Veterans Affairs Payers will have 837I already selected.

NOTE: If the Payer is “Medicare”, “Medicaid”, or “Veterans Affairs”, the electronic 837P or 837I form can be generated as an EDI file for these Payer profiles when invoices are generated for the Clients they are paying for.

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