This article is for those using CareSmartz360 to sync their CareSmartz360 Invoices with QuickBooks Online .

As of today, there is one known issue in the integration with QuickBooks Online. If you bill your clients on actual clock-in/out where the units are not rounded, when these units/rates are finalized in CareSmartz360 and the invoices are finalized and sent to the QuickBooks Online portal, QuickBooks validates whether the numbers being sent i.e. Quantity (units in CS360), Rate (Rate in CS360), Amount (Amount in CS360) are exact, and tries to validate the calculations up to 5 decimal digits.

Example below:

Units in CareSmartz360 - 9.39

Rate in CareSmartz360 - $24.49 per hour.

Final Amount: 9.39 * $24.49 = $229.96

When this invoice is finalized and sent to QBO, the QuickBooks Online API also tries to validate the amount being sent by multiplying the rate and quantity and if a difference of up to 5 decimal digits is detected, QuickBooks will average out the rate by dividing the amount being sent with quantity i.e. $229.96 / 9.39 = $24.48988

Hence when this invoice is sent to QuickBooks Online, it will show quantity as 9.39, rate as $24.48988 and amount as $229.96. We are exploring options to provide a better experience, but please contact our support team if you have any questions.

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